Orthodontist or Dentist for Straightening Teeth?

My dentist says they do Invisalign.  What is the difference between an orthodontist or a dentist doing Invisalign or braces?

Why is Dr. McCoy saying that it’s a bad idea to go to a dentist for Invisalign?

Invisalign is a sculpting tool.  By itself, it does nothing.  Give four people some sculpting clay and tell them to sculpt a dog.  You will get four different dogs.

A custom sculpted set-up of your tooth movement is required for Invisalign to be able to move your teeth correctly.

You can have that custom set-up performed by an expert orthodontist like Dr. McCoy or a by novice, a dabbling dentist.

A dentist takes a one-day training course on Invisalign or braces and then starts working on their patients with that little bit of training!  Yes, one day.  At a hotel.  Most that dabbling dentist’s one-day training is just an explanation of which computer buttons to click to submit cases online.  There is no training on how to actually straighten teeth!

Just like your dentist can go buy his Invisalign material online, you can go buy the materials for your new roof at Home Depot.  But, do those materials work better in your hands after taking a weekend course or in the hands of a professional?

Dr. McCoy has over 27 years of tooth straightening experience, a true professional.

The dabbling dentist will sound convincing to you that they are good at orthodontics and at Invisalign.  Don’t believe it.  You are not getting the same product because you are not getting a reliable, custom set-up.  A dentist relies too heavily on Invisalign’s canned software and their lab technicians to set up the movement of your teeth: clicky-clicky on the computer and hope it works.  Good luck with that.

Invisalign’s canned software isn’t good.  Their lab technicians are not doctors.  They have never moved a patient’s teeth.  The dabbling dentist thinks that if the setup done by the lab technician looks good, then it will work in your mouth.  It doesn’t.

In every single patient’s case, Dr. McCoy has to correct Invisalign’s canned software and lab technician set-ups because they are actually moving some of your teeth in the wrong direction and they are trying to do things that simply don’t work in your mouth.

Invisalign’s lab technicians and your dabbling dentist certainly are not trained to know what it takes to efficiently move teeth with their one-day training course and the handful of Invisalign cases that they have done.

Dentists struggle so often doing Invisalign that the Invisalign company is starting a marketing campaign to steer people away from dentists so that their product doesn’t suffer further damage in patient’s minds from being poorly utilized.  Too often they hear that the dentist said, “Invisalign can’t fix that,”  or that, “this is the best Invisalign can do.”

No, the real reason that their work is a disaster is because the tool didn’t work in the dabbling dentist’s hands.

Invisalign’s new marketing campaign states that, “everyone is an Invisalign candidate, in the right hands.”  Put simply, the Invisalign company is saying, “you have to go to an orthodontist, go to Dr. McCoy!

Only an orthodontist as skilled as Dr. McCoy can accurately analyze and correct the movements that Invisalign’s canned software and lab technicians are guessing at for each of your teeth.

Dr. McCoy has the experience and skill to correct these computer- and lab technician-guessed at bad tooth movements.  Years of experience knowing what it takes to move teeth correctly and efficiently is essential to the success of your Invisalign treatment case set-up and therefore your Invisalign treatment.

Dr. McCoy has over 27 years of straightening teeth, not just a paltry 8 hours at a hotel like an Invisalign dentist dabbling at keeping a patient’s pocketbook in their office.

Dr. McCoy attended the number 3 orthodontic school in the world!  Northwestern University.  Dr. McCoy then limited his practice, since 1990, to straightening teeth.  That’s all Dr. McCoy does: straighten teeth.  Efficiently.

What can your dentist do when Invisalign’s canned computer movements aren’t working in your mouth?  The dentist will take more impressions – a mouthful of rubber stuff instead of the state of the art comfortable scanner that Dr. McCoy uses.  Then, the dabbling dentist will run your case through the same software that didn’t work the first time!  They ask the lab technician for advice, a person who has never straightened a tooth in their life.

A patient of mine told me the other day that their sister had Invisalign done by her dentist.  Her sister had to go to the dentist’s office every two weeks to be seen!  Try and fit that into your schedule!

Because dabbling dentists don’t have the skill to prevent problems, they need to see their patients after each aligner set is worn for two weeks – to see if it worked.  Do you feel like making so many trips to see your dabbling dentist?  Dr. McCoy sees his Invisalign patients once every two months or even longer.  Which fits into your schedule better?

Another patient of a dentist spent two years in Invisalign and her teeth were still crooked and her dentist told her that’s the best that Invisalign can do.  We corrected the dentist’s poor work in six months.

Don’t trust a computer or lab technicians and a dabbling dentist, trust the brain and experience of an expert orthodontist: trust Dr. McCoy.

Invisalign and braces simply work better in Dr. McCoy’s hands than in those of your dabbling dentist.

And, Dr. McCoy is the only orthodontist nearby who is using technology that will get your teeth straight in half the time.  That’s right, half the time!

To straighten your teeth, go to a professional and get The Real McCoy.