Meet Dr. McCoy

“I see so many people being told by other doctors that they cannot be treated with Invisalign.  Everyone can be treated with Invisalign.  It’s a sculpting tool that only works properly in the best hands.  I’m a perfectionist, and isn’t that what you want from your orthodontist?”

Dr. McCoy is the Invisalign expert in your area, certified to do Invisalign since 2000 (the company was only six months old at that time).

Dr. McCoy can treat any patient with Invisalign, even those told that they are not an Invisalign candidate.

Dr. McCoy is the only orthodontist in the tri-State region that recommends Invisalign for 100% of his patients.  He still places braces for those who insist, but Dr. McCoy has never seen a patient that he cannot treat with Invisalign!

For fast, excellent results with Invisalign, for every patient, Dr. McCoy is the orthodontist to see.

Dr. Kevin McCoy has been practicing in the specialty field of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics since 1990.

You will not find a more capable orthodontist than Dr. McCoy to provide your treatment!

Dr. McCoy is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Dentistry, where he received both his Dental Degree and his Orthodontic specialty training.

Northwestern University’s Orthodontic School was ranked the number three orthodontic school in the world.

Dr. McCoy shares his knowledge by lecturing in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, training other orthodontists on complex adult orthodontic care and the newest orthodontic techniques.

Dr. McCoy stays abreast of the latest technology through attending many hours of continuing education and through his membership in the American Association of Orthodontics.