What Sets Us Apart

Let’s face it, you want your teeth straight, quickly and comfortably. 

Dr. McCoy is a perfectionist – isn’t that what you want in your orthodontist? 


  • Treatment in half the time!
    • Have an important event coming up soon?
    • Need straight teeth fast?
    • Change aligners every 3 days, not every 14.
    • Fast and comfortable and affordable.


  • Everyone is an Invisalign candidate in Dr. McCoy’s skilled hands.
    • Been told you can’t do Invisalign?
    • Been told Invisalign isn’t as good as braces?
    • The Real McCoy will take care of you!
    • Check out this patient who was told by several orthodontists that she needed braces and surgery. Dr. McCoy treated her with Invisalign in 13 months.  No surgery!  Click here to see her case and other cases

How does Dr. McCoy do it?

  • Dr. McCoy personally sculpts your Invisalign tooth movement, not the lab people in Costa Rica like other providers allow.
  • Personalized, targeted movement means quicker results.
  • Over 26 years of moving teeth means no mistakes, no wasted time.

 What else do I need to know?

  • Dr. McCoy uses an iTero 3D scanner.
  • No dental impressions and superb accuracy!
  • Dr. McCoy has lectured internationally on complex adult orthodontic cases.
  • He can correct cases that others can’t!
  • Over 26 years in practice and never had to redo a case!
  • We still do braces, but you will truly enjoy the comfort of Invisalign’s 21st century orthodontics!

 What about insurance and financing?

  • No money down option is available!
  • We accept direct payment from most insurance plans.