Invisalign Attachments Explained

These are attachments: play the video to see them in action!


Most patients benefit from the use of attachments, which are tooth-colored shapes attached to your teeth.  Attachments are like handles on your teeth that the Invisalign aligners use to be able to more predictably move your teeth into the positions that Dr. McCoy custom-designed them to be moved.

Sometimes we can get your teeth to move without the use of attachments.  This is offered as our base plan.

If skipping attachments has not been offered to you, then it simply won’t work and it is not a recommended option for you, like in patients who have a lot of crowding or who need complicated tooth movements or in patients who need their lower jaw repositioned forward.

So, some patients can choose to try treatment without attachments.  If all goes well, you have saved yourself the cost and the time at the appointments needed to add and to eventually remove attachments.

Dr. McCoy may advise against skipping the use of attachments from the start.

Don’t forget: Dr. McCoy has been doing Invisalign for more than twenty years and he knows what works!

We could still leave the decision to skip the use of attachments up to you if you sign a Limited Treatment Form that basically says attachments were recommended by Dr. McCoy but you decided against using them for the duration of treatment and that you will accept a compromised end result.  You could, of course, always change your mind and add attachments later to get the end result you desire.  You would discuss this with us during treatment.

For patients who started without attachments to see if it would work for them (and were not advised against trying this option), Dr. McCoy will evaluate your treatment progress and tooth movement at each scan and analyze how the previous series of Invisalign aligners worked.  We do a scan after each completed series of Invisalign aligners. 

Dr. McCoy may determine from your scan that without adding attachments now, the predictability of your treatment would be diminished or slowed down.

Rather than wasting time, “seeing if it works,” Dr. McCoy may email you that he recommends that you exercise the use of attachments option in your contract sooner than later and that you work out the details with our office manager.  You will have been directed here for another explanation of attachments and why they are used.

You can opt to proceed with Dr. McCoy’s recommendation that attachments be used to speed along treatment and improve the predictability of the tooth movements that you need and our office manager will finalize the accounting changes and alert Dr. McCoy of your decision so that he can design your Invisalign series to include the placement of attachments.

You still can opt to continue without the use of attachments.  We will have you sign a Limited Treatment Form and Dr. McCoy will design your tooth movements knowing that this is your decision.

Our goal is to inform you early enough in treatment if we think adding in the use of attachments would be beneficial but we leave the ultimate decision up to you.

We strive to keep you informed in a timely manner and to get the best result in the least amount of time as is possible.  The use of attachments is the most predictable way of obtaining the best result.

Thank you for learning more about Invisalign attachments and how they work.



Dr. McCoy and staff